Terms & Conditions

  • Items are considered to be delivered/installed once a written acknowledgment is issued or signed by you.
  • You are entitled to return any item which has any external defects once Nobel.ae has been notified and before the delivery crew leaves the premises. After successful delivery, Nobel.ae will not be liable for any claims including but not limited to damages and scratches except for any of the reasons stated below.
  • You are entitled to return any sold Item which was installed successfully and used in case there is a genuine history of manufacturing defect(s) which is not repairable by Nobel.ae or the Vendor service team within the warranty duration.
  • If the item is found to be DOA (Dead on arrival) or if there is a manufacturing defect detected and notified to Nobel.ae within 7 days from the delivery date, Nobel.ae shall replace the item within 14 working days from the date that Nobel.ae is informed of the manufacturing defect or the DOA date.
  • In case that the delivery point provided from you is not reachable or not serviced by the Vendor service team, the order will be cancelled and the amount will be refunded. You will be notified by Nobel.ae via phone call.

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